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What Is a Virtual Bookkeeper?

If you’re a small business owner or are self-employed, the last thing you should be bogged down with is your bookkeeping. A virtual bookkeeper will manage all the income and expenses you incur each month and reconcile those amounts with your bank accounts.

What Does a Virtual Bookkeeper Do?

Virtual bookkeeping, put simply, is a bookkeeper or accountant who works with their client remotely. This collaboration is possible through accounting software like QuickBooks, which allows you and your virtual bookkeeper to discuss your accounts.

With shared access to your accounts, your virtual bookkeeper can post your financial transactions, review and upgrade your invoices, reconcile your accounts, and perform other critical accounting functions without needing to meet with you in person.

The reports that virtual bookkeepers generate are the foundation for all other accounting activities and the detailed reports that IAS Bookkeeping provides helps business owners save both time and money.

Virtual bookkeepers issue bills for customers, record receipts from clients, verify statements from providers, track accounts, process employee payroll, produce financial reports, rectify bookkeeping mistakes, and complete many other crucial activities that keep a company running smoothly.

As an IAS Bookkeeping client, you can expect monthly P&L reviews and balance sheets - keeping your business on track, month by month, by balancing all your expenses against your account records - all through virtual bookkeeping.

IAS Bookkeeping tracks and reconciles the monthly transactions recorded each month to provide you with an accurate overview of both your revenue and your expenses. Our virtual bookkeeping services also offers a comprehensive understanding of how to calculate payroll taxes, and what payroll taxes are included in PPP- so you can focus on running your business.

If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to calculate payroll taxes on your own or how to use Quickbooks online, you could save time and avoid potential tax liabilities with the help of IAS Bookkeeping’s services.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeper?

A virtual bookkeeper may appeal to a company because of the following benefits:

  • Cost Savings:

Virtual bookkeepers do not require office space and people working as contractors require no insurance, advantages or employment taxation— tremendous savings for the employer. Virtual bookkeepers offer flexible availability and may work as little or as much as the company needs; this can be especially beneficial for small businesses that may not need a full-time onsite bookkeeper or whose financial services needs vary.

  • Free Up Time:

Possibly the most significant advantage of hiring a virtual bookkeeper is the time to focus on what truly matters - running your business. Knowing that your daily accounting demands have the help of a seasoned professional will give you peace of mind.

You'll also have full access to up-to-date financial reports and can use your virtual bookkeeper to help make vital decisions for the future of your company.

Finding a responsive and trustworthy bookkeeper is essential. When you hire out accounting work to a virtual bookkeeper, you can free up time for your in-house accounts so you can focus on other financial areas of the business.

In need of comprehensive virtual bookkeeping services? Click here to connect with the IAS Bookkeeping team today.


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