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Services for Preparing Business Taxes

Our tax professionals can help you with your taxes in person or over the phone. You can rely on us to take the stress out of tax preparation and timely filing. We make sure that all tax laws are followed and that your worries are eliminated. If your taxes are done right, which you can rely on, we will, then you can maximize all benefits, credits, and write-offs. There are rules and regulations that can be used to benefit both the individual taxpayer and the business owner. The team at IAS Bookkeeping will help you find them and use them for your benefit.

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File your taxes on time!

Have peace of mind!

IAS Bookkeeping is committed to providing exceptional tax preparation, payroll, accounting, and business registration services. We place a strong emphasis on communication and two-way communication. We have a diverse and talented team of professionals that can serve a wide range of clients, depending on their needs. We are the Sarasota tax preparer and bookkeeping firm you seek. Additionally, to protect your data, we use a variety of security technologies that are installed and maintained according to industry policies and standards. The ultimate result is your peace of mind.

Do you need to register your company with the Department of Revenue?

You will need to register your business with the Florida Department of State and the IRS before you can start a company. Businesses located in other states may need to provide proof of registration with the Division of Corporations or Corporate Registry. We have you covered.

Federal agencies regulate many business activities in addition to licensing from the state and local governments.


Different business types may require additional federal permits, licenses, registrations, and/or permits. Depending on the business activity, they may need additional federal licenses, permits, registrations, etc. Consult with professionals (e.g. attorney, CPA or SBA) before you start your business. Before you start your business, ensure that all requirements are met. For current and potential business owners looking for assistance in navigating federal licensing requirements, the U.S. Small Business Administration is a great resource.


Visit for more information about the Federal Government.


We can also help you find other resources.

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