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How Can Business & Personal Financial Coaching Help You?

Do you lie awake at night worrying about money? Do you wonder if you will have enough to retire, send your kids to college, or cover your monthly mortgage?


Do you want to know the answers to these and other financial questions, but don’t ask because you are afraid or embarrassed, or simply because you don’t have the assets to work with a traditional financial advisor? This is where a financial coach can help.

Our judgment-free financial coaches will get to know you and your individual financial situation and help set you on a path to success. By looking at your full financial picture they will help you identify areas for improvement while taking into account your personal values and what's important to you.


By getting to know you and your unique situation, they will help you create a spending plan that makes sense for your current lifestyle, needs, and financial goals.


Think of this as a roadmap to get you from where you are financially, to where you want to be in the future. They will walk beside you and support you as you work to execute the plan. Our financial coaches will empower you to take control of your finances, and give you the education you need to make sound money decisions.


Much like how working with a personal trainer can help you achieve a level of health and fitness you couldn’t on your own, working with a financial coach can help you achieve a higher level of financial fitness and freedom than you could by yourself.

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What is The Difference Between a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor?

Generally, a financial coach helps you save money, and a financial advisor helps you invest and grow your money. A financial coach works with those who have little to no assets and need help managing their personal finances day-to-day.


They provide financial literacy education on topics ranging from building up savings, getting out of debt, creating a budget, and general money management. Their main job is to empower their clients to reach their financial goals and learn how to handle their finances responsibly.


While a financial advisor works with those who need help managing and investing their already accumulated assets. A financial advisor helps clients develop an investment portfolio to build wealth to meet future goals, such a retirement.


A financial advisor’s fee is typically a percentage of the money they have invested for you, while a financial coach charges a flat rate per session or per package of sessions. Financial advisors typically require clients to have a certain amount of money to begin working with them, whereas anyone with any amount of money can hire a financial coach.

Is Financial Coaching Right for You?

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As previously mentioned, you do not need to have lots of money to work with a Financial Coach. Typically, most clients who choose to work with a financial coach, have little savings, poor spending habits and are in debt.

A financial coach can help you improve in these areas, by educating you on the basics of personal finance and helping you create and maintain healthy financial habits.

Maybe you have already tried creating a budget but for some reason or another you could not stick to it. Maybe you make a good living but have not built up your emergency savings. Or maybe you have so much debt that you do not know how to begin paying it off.

A financial coach can help you create a sustainable budget that works for you and your current lifestyle, build a plan for your finances, and keep you accountable throughout the process.

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What is Your Relationship with Money?

Everyone has deep-rooted attitudes and emotions when it comes to money. Many have been ingrained in us since childhood. Some think money is for spending, others are obsessed with saving it. Some have a healthy relationship with money, while others' relationship with money is toxic. Financial coaches work with their clients to recognize these attitudes and emotions and understand their root cause. By identifying these emotions and learning where they come from, coaches can then help their clients work through and eventually overcome them.

Areas Where A Financial Coach Can Help:

Creating a Budget

Getting out of Debt and staying out

Setting financial goals

Creating an emergency Fund

Learning to Save

Buying a Car

Cutting Costs

Consolidating finances with a new spouse

Sending your kids to college

Paying for a wedding

Starting over financially after a divorce

Saving for a baby on the way

Saving on Taxes

Choose a Package

that Best Suits your Business Needs



In this 20-minute virtual meeting we'll learn more about you and your goals

and values to see if financial coaching

is right for you. We'll explain our coaching programs and answer any questions that you have about them.

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In this 90 minute session, we will help you identify your problem areas with money, offer solutions and advice, set goals, and get you on a clear path towards achieving those goals.

After scheduling your session you will receive a digital comprehensive client questionnaire.

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This program empowers you to take ownership of your financial decisions, supports your continual learning & growth, and keeps you accountable throughout the process. 1-hour sessions (month 1 - weekly, following months bi-weekly (4 Month min). All coaching packages start with a discovery session. 

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